Service Users Guide

A brief overview of the services we provide

Our Aims & Objectives

Our Aims and Objectives

Tender Loving Care Ltd aims to provide care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves. We provide our service in your own home, at times convenient to you, and in ways you find most agreeable. We have sound principles for the way we run our service. Central to these is our belief that the rights of service users are paramount. Our principles:

  • To focus on our service users.
  • To provide care services to people with Dementia.
  • To ensure that we are fit for our purpose.
  • To work for the comprehensive welfare of our service users.
  • To meet assessed needs.
  • To provide quality services.
  • To employ a quality workforce.

Philosophy of Care

Service users’ rights and Philosophy of Care

The aim of good quality domiciliary care must always be to promote a way of life for service users which permits them to enjoy, to the greatest possible extent, their rights as individual human beings. The following rights are fundamental to our agency’s work.

  • Privacy An individual’s right to privacy involves being free from intrusion or unwelcome attention.
  • Dignity The right to dignity involves recognising the intrinsic value of people as individuals and the specific nature of each person’s particular needs.
  • Independence Independence means having opportunities to think, plan, act and take sensibly calculated risks without continual reference to others.
  • Security In providing services to people with disabilities, there is a difficult balance to be struck between helping them to experience as much independence as possible and making sure that they are not exposed to unnecessary hazards. Taking care for the security of service users therefore means helping to provide an environment and support structure which offers sensible protection from danger and risk and provide available assistance when required. This should not be interpreted as a demand for a totally safe or risk-free lifestyle; taking reasonable risks can be interesting, exciting and fun, as well as necessary.
  • Civil rights We aim to help our service users to continue to enjoy their civil rights
  • Choice Choice consists of the opportunity to select independently from a range of options.
  • FulfilmentFulfilment has been defined as the opportunity to realise personal aspirations and abilities. It recognises and responds to levels of human satisfaction separate from the physical and material, but it is difficult to generalise about fulfilment since it deals with precisely those areas of lifestyle where individuals differ from each other.
  • Diversity Britain’s social care services are used by people from a wide diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Services therefore need to be accessible. We need to make particular efforts to reach out to vulnerable people who might have been deterred from approaching agencies which appear not to relate to their special needs and aspirations, and to demonstrate that we welcome and celebrate the wide range of people in the community generally and among the users of services in particular.

Nature of the Service

The Nature of the Services we provide

Tender Loving Care Limited supports the following service user categories:

  • older people
  • people with physical disabilities
  • people with dementia
  • people with sensory loss, including those with dual sensory impairment

The services we offer:

  • Assistance in getting in and out of bed
  • Personal Care will be addressed in a sensitive manner by our carers and will allow service users to maintain their independence in a dignified manner to include washing, bathing/showering, dressing, toileting and continence care.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Prompting medication.
  • General house keeping duties
  • Laundry duties
  • Shopping service
  • Companionship and chaperone to social activities

Services we are unable to carry out:

  • Invasive procedures
  • Cutting of toe nails
  • Removal of any pipes or tubes
  • Bowel evacuations and bladder washouts
  • Injections
  • Moving of large furniture items
  • Working from ladders

Hours of Service:

TLC provides a service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day in most areas of the Conwy County.
One of our management team are on call during these hours for our carers and service users alike.