Quality Assurance

A brief overview of the service we provide

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We are always keen to provide the best possible service and to do this we continually check on what we are doing, talk with our staff and with outsiders who have opportunities to see and judge our work, and above all listen to our customers. This process is called quality assurance. It involves:

(a)        an annual visit to all service users by a supervisor or a manager to hear your views at first hand

(b)        regular supervision meetings between each care worker and their line manager

(c)        an annual survey of service users, and where appropriate their relatives or representatives, to obtain views and opinions

(d)        careful checks on all service user files, timesheets and other records.

In addition to these opportunities, please feel free to let us have your views at any time. We need to know how we are doing, and you are best placed to tell us.

Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure
Please refer to the enclosed Complaints Procedure leaflet.

Various Policy

Assessing the risks
If you have decided to have care provided in your own home, you will know of course that that carries some risk. The care worker is unlikely to be with you all the time so there will not be the same level of support as you would receive in, for example, a residential home. On the other hand you retain your independence and many people find that, on balance, a measure of risk is worthwhile. Nevertheless, we want to be sure that everybody concerned understands the risks and has thought about them responsibly and that the risks to be taken are not unreasonable or unnecessary. So, with you, we carry out a risk assessment, weighing up the risks to be taken with the advantages, and if it seems appropriate we might make suggestions as to how unnecessary risks can be minimised for carers and service users.
Entering and Leaving the Premises
Arrangements for the staff of Tender Loving Care Ltd to enter and leave the service user’s home are as follows: Please refer to Care Needs Assessment Form for details.
Please refer to our Medication Policy.
Protection of care workers in relation to Health and Safety
Please refer to our Health and Safety Policy.